The traditional sailor style Boutique.

Fashion Shop specialized in high quality garments, with a strong French and Breton style. Our shop is charecterized by the top quality, durability and recognized nautical design of our products.




Our garnents are inspired in the lifestyle of the French coast of the 30's, chic and elegant. Classic, elegant style and a melancholy air that feels and lives even among the Biarritz and St. Jean de Luz, "la join de vivre" (desire to enjoy life ...)

Typical Breton sailor clothes. Fun, youthful and flattering, with sailor style. They return every year to prove that they are immortal. Convine well, give light to the face, promote and enhance both the gala and the most "casual" wearings.

Its versatility allows hundreds of combinations, ranging from jeans, to shorts, to skirts, for day and night.





Oilskin long sleeve zipper closure

Product no.: F2O405/C3027

69.90 € *

Oilskin long sleeve, with mesh lining

Product no.: F1P405/C3007

57.90 € *

Oilskin long sleeve, zipper, hood and side pockets

Product no.: F1O405/C3024

58.90 € *

T-shirt 3/4 sleeve, striped

Product no.: F2P205/A2057

24.90 € *

Sweat-shirt long sleeve with anchor

Product no.: F2O305/A2050

40.90 € *

T-shirt long sleeve, roundneck

Product no.: F1P205/A2104

31.90 € *

Softshell long sleeve, zip and side pockets

Product no.: F1O305/A2030

47.90 € *

T-shirt long sleeve, roundneck, striped

Product no.: F3P205/N2206

18.90 € *

Oilskin long sleeve, zip

Product no.: F3O405/C3102

40.95 € *

Jacket long sleeve, zipper and hood

Product no.: F5O305/B2397

45.90 € *

Oilskin long sleeve, zipper with anchor and hood

Product no.: F5O405/C3109

40.90 € *

T-shirt long sleeve, sailor collar

Product no.: F5P205/B2424

18.90 € *

Scarf for women, one-size-fits-all, striped

Product no.: F2O805/A2075

24.90 € *

T-shirt long sleeve

Product no.: F1O205/A2135

32.90 € *

T-shirt long sleeve, roundneck

Product no.: F2O205/A2131

24.90 € *

T-shirt long sleeve, roundneck.

Product no.: F2O205/A2128

26.90 € *

Jersey long sleeve, long neck.

Product no.: F2O305/A3356

65.90 € *

Jersey long sleeve, Greca style

Product no.: F2O305/A3358

67.90 € *

Jacket long sleeve, pointed collar.

Product no.: F2O305/A3360

68.90 € *

Jersey long sleeve, collar buttons.

Product no.: F2O305/A3367

65.90 € *

Oilskin long sleeve, stirp in side

Product no.: F1O305/C3032

68.90 € *
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