The traditional sailor style Boutique.

Fashion Shop specialized in high quality garments, with a strong French and Breton style. Our shop is charecterized by the top quality, durability and recognized nautical design of our products.

Oilskin long sleeve, zipper closure

Product no.: F2P405/C3008
65.90 *

Jacket long sleeve, Zip and bone buttons and hood.

Product no.: F2O305/A2588
224.90 *

Jersey long sleeve, Greca style

Product no.: F2O305/A3358
67.90 *

Jacket long sleeve, Double breasted

Product no.: F2O305/A2590
203.90 *

Sweat-shirt long sleeve with anchor

Product no.: F2O305/A2050
40.90 *


Product no.: F2P805/6382
32.90 *

Bag L: 37CM - H: 37CM

Product no.: F2P805/6374
14.90 *

Bag L: 50CM - H: 30CM

Product no.: F2P805/6285
36.00 *


Product no.: F2P805/6379
37.90 *

Bag L: 59CM - H: 36CM

Product no.: F2P805/6373
16.90 *

Jersey long sleeve, striped.

Product no.: F2P305/A3351
45.90 *

Oilskin long sleeve, zipper, hood and side pockets

Product no.: F1O405/C3024
59.90 *

Softshell long sleeve, zip and side pockets

Product no.: F1O305/A2030
47.90 *

Jacket long sleeve, Button closure and V-neck

Product no.: F1O305/A2585
201.90 *

Jacket long sleeve, Zip, bone buttons and pockets

Product no.: F1O305/A2587
230.90 *

Oilskin long sleeve, stirp in side

Product no.: F1O305/C3032
68.90 *

T-shirt long sleeve

Product no.: F1O205/A2135
32.90 *

T-shirt long sleeve, roundneck, striped

Product no.: F3P205/N2206
18.90 *

Oilskin long sleeve, zip

Product no.: F3O405/C3102
40.95 *

Oilskin long sleeve, zipper with anchor and hood

Product no.: F5O405/C3109
40.90 *

Oilskin long sleeve, zipper, hood and outside pockets

Product no.: F5P405/C3105
40.90 *

Jacket long sleeve

Product no.: F5O305/B2811
32.90 *
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