Beautiful dresses made ??of cotton sailor style. Always in fashion, will allow you to be comfortable all day.

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Dress short sleeve

Product no.: F2P505/A2034
43.90 *

Dress short sleeve, roundneck and striped

Product no.: F2P505/A2045
41.90 *

Dress Sleeveless, roundneck

Product no.: F2P505/A2021
39.90 *

New Dress short, striped.

Product no.: F2P505/A2141
40.95 *

New Dress short, striped.

Product no.: F2P505/A1707
40.90 *

New T-shirt mini skirt, striped.

Product no.: F2P505/A2106
40.95 *

New Dress short, with buttons.

Product no.: F2P505/A2152
45.90 *

New Dress short, striped.

Product no.: F2P505/A2175
28.90 *

New Dress long, striped.

Product no.: F2P505/A2095
39.90 *


Product no.: F2P505/2190
23.00 *
46.86 €
You save 51 %

Dress with spaghetti straps, with lace at the waist

Product no.: F2P505/A2122
39.90 *
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