Who does not like to show off your baby? In Lamarencalma help you with our collection for babies. Special little clothes for your baby, with sailor details, design, colors, quality and comfort.


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Oilskin long sleeve, zipper with anchor and hood

Product no.: F5O405/C3109
40.90 *

Oilskin long sleeve, zipper, hood and outside pockets

Product no.: F5P405/C3105
40.90 *

Oilskin long sleeve, zipper closure

Product no.: F5O405/C3118
41.90 *

Jacket long sleeve

Product no.: F5O305/B2811
32.90 *

Jacket long sleeve, double button.

Product no.: F5O305/B2810
32.90 *

Jacket long sleeve, zipper and hood

Product no.: F5P305/B2314
30.90 *

T-shirt long sleeve, roundneck.

Product no.: F5O205/B2387
20.90 *

Sweat-shirt long sleeve, buttons closure

Product no.: F5P305/B2344
28.59 *

Bonnet visor, striped

Product no.: F5P805/B2399
15.90 *

T-shirt short sleeve, roundneck

Product no.: F5P205/B2376
16.90 *

Ensemble short sleeve, square neck

Product no.: F5P605/B2448
25.90 *
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